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Speaking | Greg Matthews

There Is No Greater Treasure Than Finding Purpose And Fulfillment In Life


Greg’s passion in life is traveling across the country speaking and changing lives from the inside out. How, you might ask?  It’s simple. He looks them straight in the eye and tells them “You have a destiny and purpose in this life and I can help you find it”. Talk about getting excited about something. A change in focus, a little courage, and applying the “Chase What Matters” principles and so begins the journey of fulfilling your dreams. That’s not the only exciting thing. Many are being restored to hope, lasting fulfillment, and a new love for careers, family, marriage, and key relationships.  Everybody wins!


There is no denying the importance of finding our identity, its primal. Yes, women and men see through different lenses, but both long to know their true purpose in life. When they understand their calling in life, establishing a path to fulfillment becomes simple. Although both Men and Women have different values and pursuits, happiness will never be found until deep intimate relationships exist within their lives.  Until that happens they will search and never find what they are looking for.


For men, what is the first question they will ask another man when they meet? “What do you do for a living?” Identity and respect to a man is as essential as air and water. There is no greater fulfillment than when a man finds his purpose in life.  It shouldn’t have to take a life time to figure out what defines a man and what really matters. Men continue to focus on developing the external to prove their “Man Card”. The problem is that careers, achievements, wealth, status are only part of the equation.  Material things will never bring fulfillment in life.  Greater men have tried. While we continue to give everything to our external pursuits, our hearts and relationships are often ignored.  We as men have a bad habit of leaving our wives, our children, God and our closest relationships in the dust of our pursuits.  Sound familiar?  I know because I did.


Greg is an expert at having chased all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. It’s often said that his courage to share the mistakes of his life in transparency and truth is both riveting and refreshing. Greg is not afraid to point out the mistakes he has made, and the pain it has caused. Looking from the outside at Greg’s decorated careers and unbelievable accomplishments, you would be lead to believe he has no regrets in his life.  Greg would tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We are never fully defined by what is externally visible.  The greatest reflection of a person is their heart and their courage to share it in intimate relationships with those they love and cherish.  It’s time for us to find the courage to talk about, engage with, and invest in the matters of the heart. Buidling intimate relationships with God and those we love, is both the foundation and the path to true happiness and fulfillment in this life.


Lives continue to be dramatically changed through the application of Greg’s “Chase What Matters” principles. Hearts are being transformed and lives are being changed. The restructuring of values is pivotal in discovering your God given destiny in this life.  God has a plan for your life.  There is nothing more exciting to Greg than speaking hope into peoples lives and empowering them to pursue their path to purpose and identity.  Greg specializes in not only helping individuals discover their purpose in life but also establishing their path for accomplishing anything they set their hearts to do. 


Greg would love to partner with you and share his powerful message.  Whether it is helping to discover purpose in life,  mapping out the steps to accomplish the seemingly impossible, or anything in between, Greg’s “Chase What Matters” principles will change the lives of those you are seeking to inspire.  Please contact Greg Matthews at the Chase What Matters organization.  Dates are filling fast and we would love to plug you for 2018-2019. 




december, 2022

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